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"Michele Pernetta the lady who brought us Londoners Bikram Yoga 15 years ago, has created something brand spanking new and revolutionary: Fierce Grace. A highly skilled team have been working with Michele over the past few months to develop this new yoga, which, in a nutshell, takes the foundations of Bikram, one step further.

The original Bikram series created by yoga lifestyle guru Bikram Choudhry, involves two sets of twenty-six postures, over ninety minutes – in 40-degree heat. Fierce Grace involves almost all the Bikram poses but adds over 10 more postures to the series, so it appeals to even the loyal Bikram bunnies, like myself.

New Fierce Grace yoga has five levels of classes from beginners through to advanced, rather than Bikram’s one class for all. This makes the system more tailored to different levels of fitness and provides progression for the more fit and ‘fierce’ amongst us to aspire to. Also, Fierce Grace focuses more on the upper body and core. Bikram does not really work these areas. I tell you from experience (and aching abs) – Fierce Grace does. So far, so good: it gets my vote.

…It could be the perfect way to start the New Year: try something new and create a healthier, fitter and sexier you."