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Fierce Grace Yoga


"Fierce Grace yoga is a breed of Hot Yoga was partially terrifying to us when we first heard of it, but an intensely alluring practice. We were invited to Fierce Grace Yoga studio in Queens Park to meet with founder and teacher, Michele Pernetta and explore her unique and intense new style of yoga. We meandered down quaint Kilburn Lane until we were welcome by a stylistically bold motto, embellished black on white; replete with the signature Fierce Grace swan/tiger combo… And we knew we were in for a rewarding yoga experience.

Michele is an accomplished yoga leader. One of Britain’s most senior yoga teachers, she is the woman who introduced Bikram hot yoga to Britain 15 years ago, and has taught ever since. We met Michele at the Queens Park branch before our first ever hot yoga lesson. We comfortably sat in the intimate lounge area while she introduced us to David whose superfood Green Buddha smoothies are on standby for all thirsty yogis after their Fierce Grace sessions.

We won’t lie, it was tough, but it was not impossible. We survived. We experienced Michele’s signature “Fierce Grace” class – a no-holds barred, 80 minute (10 min optional relaxation) workout focusing on hip-opening, upper body strength, bum-toning and core stability, set to a groovy but non-distracting playlist. We felt awesome afterwards. There are really no other words to describe how good we felt. “The daily routine of London work life,” Michele said to us after the lesson, ”With stressed people sitting and thinking at desks all day…Washes away when you put the mind in the passenger seat and allow your body’s intelligence to wake up. There is nothing else like it.”

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