Lucy on the Lookout

Lucy on the Lookout

Apprehensive about Hot Yoga? Try Fierce Grace Yoga


"I actually really enjoyed the sequence - the asanas were a challenging mixture of balancing, strengthening & core work (there was even a plank and some static crunches in there! My #PlankADay is paying off!) and it never felt rushed or boring. 

Dare I say it but I emerged sweaty, but invigorated. 

But the best thing?

Since I've been working long hours, and from what I presume is general tension, I've noticed niggles in my upper back. I often get then during very busy periods and it can make things uncomfortable (but is thankfully not disabling in any way). I also tense up my shoulder and neck a lot when I'm rushed off my feet at work and it reached the point where even rolling my neck around my shoulders was very stiff and slightly painful! 

The next day? My back pain had significantly improved, and I no longer felt like I was holding myself in a neck brace for whiplash .

Never one to say no to a good offer, and now that my belief system in hot yoga has been challenged, I have decided to embark on their supurb '30 days' offer. "

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