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Naturally... hot yoga


"Last year, Michele Pernetta, one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers and the woman who brought Bikram to the UK in 1994, introduced her own brand of hot yoga. Fierce Grace is a five-class hot yoga system based on classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Bikram yoga that aims to improve strength and flexibility for body and mind. It’s designed to be suitable for students of all levels.

Like Bikram, Fierce Grace classes are conducted in a hot room to warm your muscles and help you go deeper into postures, but it is about five degrees cooler (approximately 35-38 degrees). Unlike Bikram, the system includes core and upper body strengthening exercises (hello abs), accommodates for injuries by allowing posture modifications and consists of different classes to cater for different physical goals and schedules – and to keep you from getting bored.

When I found out that Linda Condron and Sean McNamee, owners of Boss Hot Yoga Studios in Dublin city and Maynooth, recently brought Fierce Grace to Ireland, I had to give it a go...

Fierce Grace is certainly physically different from Bikram, but it’s the difference in attitude that particularly stood out to me. It’s disciplined and challenging, but the atmosphere is laidback and just, well, fun.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to Bikram, but I’ll definitely be back in the Stoneybatter studio to try out the other Fierce Grace classes."

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