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Fierce Grace


"Since its introduction to Europe by yoga guru Michele Pernetta, Bikram yoga has fast become the fashionable way to keep fit and flexible, with gyms around the country picking up on the trend that first became popular in the 1970s.

Never one to rest on her laurels however, Pernetta has introduced a new form of exercise, an evolved hot yoga system known as Fierce Grace, which launches in the UK today. Designed for everyone from the yoga virgin to the well-honed gym bunny, Fierce Grace’s variety of workout allows you to pick and choose to suit both your fitness level and your lifestyle. Choose from five classes – Core, Classic, Fierce Grace, Fierce (ominously named The Beast) and The Fix – to transform yourself with this evolved technique that draws from both classical hatha yoga and cutting-edge research to assess the needs of the body and mind in our increasingly hectic modern life.

According to Pernetta: “For some reason yoga can get so very serious!  We are expected to bow our heads, whisper, chant in Sanskrit, wear white or be someone different to who we were 5 minutes before we walked through the door. This is unnecessary. Yoga is about embracing who you are right now, being honest, vivacious, free to experiment, fall over and be humorous.  If you are injured, don’t be scared, come and work on it, if you want to lose weight, don’t be shy, you aren’t alone, if you are an angry son-of-bitch, come and sweat it out.  You don’t have to be a bendy, vegan, saint.  Yoga is the great equaliser, everyone has the same struggle on the mat and no one should feel excluded.”

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