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Should We Expect Our Health Food Store to Only Sell Healthy Food?


"When I was growing up the health food store was a sad dingy affair with a few brown foods run by a grey macrobiotic in an Afghan jerkin. Today the billion dollar industry has spawned temples of eating promise, run by Aberzombie and Fitch supermodels sporting Barefoot Runners and wheatgrass fuelled pectorals.

These new high rise health havens promise a new you, as long as you can knit your own money. Fat food-industry cats are getting fatter from our quest for skinniness. Shopped naively, the health food store can put us right back to irritability with our bowel, elasticated waistbands and even allergies, cancer and diabetes.

In our quest for perfection we buy fattening high fructose, testicle shrinking tofu, mouldy nuts and vitamin blocking grains. We are still rendered bloated with candida, high blood sugar, calorie overdosed and in a processed food daze."

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