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"Presenting 2016's hottest new workouts. Team HFM put them to the test...

Brought to you by Michele Pernetta who introduced Bikram yoga to the UK in 1994, Fierce Grace offers five different complementary classes, catering to all levels and conducted in a heated studio. The most recent addition is Wild, fusing cardio and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

I’ve been a big yoga fan since discovering its calming powers on a trip to Kerala so I was intrigued by Fierce Grace and its added heat factor. Balancing ‘fierce’ strength and ‘graceful’ flexibility, it combines hatha, Bikram and ashtanga practices. There are five different classes to choose from depending on your level, mood and time limit and they’ve just added an intense 60-minute workout to the mix. Called Wild, it combines cardio, barre and HIIT for time-pushed yogis. Deep Core became my go-to, though. Long hours in front of the computer mean my back, hips, shoulders and neck are always tight and this promised the deepest stretching and posture correction. Still mat based, the big difference to my past yoga experiences is the temperature (I’d recommend sneaking into the studio early to get used to it). While the heat makes you sweat out excess calories, these classes aren’t about weight loss and I left feeling completely centred. I’m sticking with the slower Deep Core and after just four weeks my tummy is tighter, I’ve got the definition back in my arms and I feel positively zen – namaste!”

Available at fiercegrace.com, introductory offer of £39 for 30 days, and at select David Lloyd Gyms"