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Healthy Living London

TRIED & TESTED: Fierce Grace Yoga


"My first impressions were great. The lady on the reception was helpful and immediately all the intimidation I was feeling before was gone. We took our own towels but used the mats there at the studio. (No extra cost).

Once the class started, the first thing I noticed was the teacher’s attitude. She was nice, friendly – it felt so much more relaxed than I had previously experienced, I could smile or giggle at my attempts at some of the balance poses without being asked if I had a problem or glared at for ruining the ‘vibe’. There was also music. I loved this but then actually zoned out of it through pure concentration and didn’t take it in all that much – but my man said he really enjoyed it and was one of his favourite things about it. His other favourite thing was also the teacher – she talked a lot about breathing so I felt completely relaxed – yet also pushed myself and had a brilliant workout, she walked around and helped us beginners – but there was no patronising or embarrassment caused by this. Everyone in there has been a beginner at some stage, and it is hard! Apart from a select few pretty incredible and inspiring yogis in there the standard is hugely mixed. The selection of poses were fab, standing and floor, and also a selection of levels so as you improve you would still get just as much enjoyment out of the same class. On the harder poses you just stop and hold where you can – don’t push yourself too far, but you can see others around you demonstrating the progression of the pose that you too could achieve through practice. It is inspiring. I had a go at some of the harder poses but quickly realised I will improve quicker if I learn to be good at stage one before moving to stage 2,3,4…. learn to walk before you run.

I felt amazing after, and so did the man…. We’ve both signed up for our 30 day unlimited offer (£35) and we are going to work through the different classes during this time."

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