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The new Hot Yoga – gentler than Bikram which is officially OVER


"'The new wave of yoga has started,’ says Michele Pernetta, owner of Fierce Grace hot yoga studios. ‘People want to do deep inner work, not just have great abs.’ 

Michele Pernetta was the original hot yogi in London, bringing Bikram to the capital in 1994, but she felt the sequence was ultimately limiting, and last year created her own system, calling it Fierce Grace. Comprised of five classes, there is something for every mood, energy level, ability and time availability.  Gone are the days of the angry hot yoga teacher, insensitively pushing students beyond their capabilities both mentally and physically.

‘Our teachers are trained to be kind, respectful and caring,’ Pernetta says. ‘People learn more from you if you respect them. We would never employ a teacher that pushed people too far, or shouted or that was not empathetic. It doesn’t ultimately work! Teaching from the ‘I’m the boss’ position really doesn’t get great results in students.’"

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