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Green Contact Book



"Michele Pernetta brought hot yoga to the UK in 1994, before launching Fierce Grace in 2013. It remains hugely popular. She reveals how to be approachable and inclusive when establishing your company culture, and her unique method to teaching.

What led to you deciding to set up Fierce Grace and where did the name come from?

For many years I had wanted to bring the best of everything I had learned and loved together in a way that would appeal to all levels and body types, and provide a system of different classes not just for the body, but for self-improvement too. I wanted to create something that was free of the limitations of some of the more rigid yoga styles, a system of classes that allowed people to choose a softer class one day and a fiery class the next, while maintaining continuity between these linked classes.

I was privileged to have been able to teach a quarter of a million bodies, and it was from the observation and feedback I received in those busy classes for nearly 20 years that I created the Fierce Grace system. The Fierce Grace system includes more than 150 poses, which move the body in the widest range of motion, getting at joints and ligaments, muscles and fibres from as many angles, and in as many different ways, as possible."

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