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#AFierceStateOfMind - Putting State Of Mind Active Wear To The Test with Fierce Grace Hot Yoga


"A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to join a group of lovely plus size fashion bloggers to put State Of Mind active wear through it's paces. We were treated to a hot yoga session at Fierce Grace, where we pouted, sweated and posed in an intensive introduction. As someone who does enjoy fitness, I'd always been too nervous to visit a yoga class by myself so was thrilled with the chance to try one out in a comfortable environment.

Hot Yoga is like nothing I've ever done before. Imagine regular yoga in a sauna, and you're almost there - it's incredible how quickly you adapt to the dry heat, and your skin (as well as your core) really gets a workout. It's not easy, and I don't think I was quite prepared for it, but by the end I was ready to come back for more - I absolutely loved it!

The class itself was wonderful, with a patient teacher who took injuries into consideration in addition to taking the time to explain the benefit of each pose we did. The Fierce Grace studio was beautiful, with everything we needed provided to make the experience as fluid as possible. I was a little unsure walking into the heat, but really cannot wait to go back again for my next session. The teacher was wonderful at building confidence, and the environment really did make you feel calm and focused."

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