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Fierce Grace


"Operating six studios in London that all have a hip boutique feel, Fierce Grace practises hot yoga with several different classes catering to varying abilities. If you’re short on time head to the 50-minute Fix class, otherwise put aside 90 minutes – you’ll sweat, (and probably swear under your breath) but its classes are a restorative wonder. Its founder Michele Pernetta brought hot yoga to London over 20 years ago and Fierce Grace offers some of the very best classes in this yoga-obsessed city.

Yoga 101

Michele Pernetta of Fierce Grace Yoga talks us through why yoga should be on your itinerary.

Why is yoga so good for fliers?

Practicing yoga is the best preventative for issues to do with flying, the cramp, stiffness, swelling from poor circulation, and even reducing the likelihood of vein issues as the tissues around the veins are soft and open and circulation in general is improved.

What other benefits does yoga bring?

The benefits of yoga are well documented, but include greater range of motion of the entire body, no more aches and pains, increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and a greater sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. It balances blood pressure, cholesterol levels, burns calories and prevents degeneration and wear and tear on the joints.

What type of yoga is best to relieve jet-lag?

Many people swear by getting off a plane and getting to a yoga class as soon as they can as it seems to have an amazing effect on jet-lag. Some people love an energising yoga class to get their metabolism kick-started and their circulation boosted; others prefer a relaxing one, some deep breathing and centring, to bring them back to a grounded feeling. Either way, getting some movement, deep breathing or stretching to relieve tension is beneficial to speed up the body’s ability to return to its normal rhythms."