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Bend, stretch and melt


"Top hot yoga at a twisty specialist Fierce Grace

It’s not immediately easy to see the appeal of hot yoga. For most people any kind of workout that lasts over 45 minutes is enough of a challenge – adding in a 38-degree room seems like overkill. However, the sweaty sessions have never been short of vociferous supporters. If you take to it, hot yoga can be addictive and exhilarating, and when the mercury drops outside, it’s an added bonus to have an exercise that involves a bit of central heating.

Since launching in 2013, Fierce Grace has always pitched itself as open to everyone Its hot-room classes involve a mixture of different yoga systems and suit a range of people, even those who have always been determined that yoga is not for them. Its new class, “WILD,” is another step in this direction. WILD attempts to bridge the gap between a conventional bodyweight workout and yoga. Constant movement brings cardio benefits, bodyweight exercises like press-ups test strength, while classical yoga poses help improve flexibility and posture. All in one very sweaty hour.

The coach says: The range of exercises involved makes WILD a satisfying full-body session. There’ll be some parts you find difficult and some that you’ll be more comfortable with. The tempo is fast and the breaks are infrequent. If you’ve been put off yoga by its leisurely pace, then have no fear. It’s wise to try another class in the heat before WILD, as even if you handle the exercises, the temperature presents a different test for the uninitiated. Also bring your own mat rather than borrowing one from the studio. When you’re lying in a pool of sweat, it’s nice to know it’s all yours.

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Fierce Grace offers a range of other classes to try.

Deep Core

Suitable for beginners, this slow-pace 75 minute class is a good way to learn the different poses.

Fierce Grace

A challenging 90-minute total body workout based on yoga disciplines and interval training.

The Classic

A traditional 90-minute yoga session that’s suitable for all.

The Fix

If you’re short on time, or don’t fancy 90 minutes on your first time out, this 50-minute class takes you through the exercises of Fierce Grace’s other sessions.

Get 30 days of unlimited Fierce Grace classes for £39 with its introductory offer. There are studios in six locations around London."