"I was invited along to try out hot Yoga at Fierce Grace whilst wearing the amazing plus size sportswear brand State Of Mind. I’ve recently started a journey to become fit and active. When I was invited along to try something new I jumped at the chance to get involved.

I left this class feeling rejuvenated and energized. We were gifted 5 extra sessions and I really want to build on my strength, flexibility, grace, balance, and endurance in these classes. The most positive effects for me after the class was my mental well-being. I felt a lot more productive, focused and balanced the days after. I felt so relaxed and happy immediately after the class too. I think Fierce Grace will be seeing a lot more of me. Living in a city like London I think this is the perfect way to escape and calm both the body and mind once in a while...

Ladies if you had the same thinking of me I'd suggest just going for it. Each class is suited to what ever level you are at and all body shapes and sizes. We were given alternative ways of completing poses that would be easier but gives the exact same results as doing it the other way, so don't feel like it's un achievable. I'd seriously advise the classes to anyone, especially to my friends who are caught up in the hectic lifestyle of city life, and who need that zen in their lives :p."

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