Biteable Beauty

Biteable Beauty

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 1

"I decided to start out with a Fierce Grace class because this is the signature class of the 5. It varies from the traditional class in that you only do one set of each posture...

The class was a gentle ease back in to yoga, and hot yoga. I like that Fierce Grace begins with a couple of Sun Salutations as I was surprised when I first started Bikram Yoga that there were not any Sun Salutations. Whilst I find Pranayama Breathing Pose and Ardha Chandrasana Half Moon Pose (the postures Bikram starts with) a fair warm up, I do feel I can go into Half Moon better after the Sun Salutations of the Fierce Grace class...

The class kept me focused and on my toes. I managed to keep going for all of it, despite the fact that the class was the hottest yet of 2015! I was glad I heard Steve say this after the class because I was sure sweating a lot, and felt the class was nearing a Bikram balminess. I believe the temperature for Bikram is 40.6 Degrees Celsius, and Fierce Grace 35-40 Degrees Celsius."

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