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"The Problem: You’re fitness trend crazy. Your partner has literally no idea what you get up to after work, and why you come home a sweaty, nasty mess. Isn’t it time you put him through his paces?

The Answer: Fierce Grace have just announced the return of their popular Partner Stretching Class in time for Valentine’s Day. Led by Michele Pernetta, founder of Fierce Grace, the practice involves being led through assisted yoga stretches, thai yoga massage, resistance stretches and Shiatsu techniques. The full practice is performed under the guidance of Michele with the yoga mind-set to be sensitive, gentle and aware; it is fun, informal and suitable for all levels. The class is performed in pairs, you can bring a partner or a friend to stretch with, or partner up in class. The room is warm (not too hot) the stretch factor is high without you getting too sweaty! The heat allows you to press further into the poses as your muscles and joints are at their optimum temperature so there is less chance of injury. Bring. It. On.

Price: £17 cost for members and non-members – Saturday 13th February 2016 at 5:45pm at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill"

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