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Imagine if all yoga styles came together and forgot their differences. Brought the best of who they were to the table. Recruited the help of physiotherapy, meditation and fitness experts. And this movement brought unity and freedom to people. And created a new way to move and be.

Welcome to Fierce Grace.

Fierce Grace is a yoga system of interconnected classes that combine alignment wisdom with freedom of expression. It is a combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, Classical Hatha, Yin and Bikram yoga, sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles as well as the latest cutting-edge fitness and physiotherapy research for attaining optimum results. Each class has a different focus and mood, developing us mentally and emotionally by allowing all aspects of ourselves room for expression. We develop our strong “fierce” side, while our flexible “grace” side keeps us connected. The system allows us to tailor our practice to our individual needs and all classes work in unison to bring total balance to body and soul.

From the yoga shy, stiff or the injured to advanced yogis, the Fierce Grace system is designed to be accessible and effective for everyone.

If you're brand new to us we've put together the following guide to help you get the most out of our revolutionary new yoga style.

Choosing your First Class

  • If you're a general level person looking for an all-round experience, then Fierce Grace, The Fix, Primal, and Classic will provide you with a selection of poses from all classes
  • If you're stiff and want to target your flexibility only then IN and Deep Core will speed up that process
  • If you're weak and want to build your strength, muscle and lose weight, then WILD focuses on strength and muscle tone, Primal is a strengthening yoga class, and S.O.B. (Stiff, Old or Broken) is stabilising whilst being more accessible for beginners
  • If you are injured, stiff or unfit, or just new to exercising and would like our key poses, slowed down, then S.O.B. is a wonderful class to learn basics and get tailored corrections
  • If you are intermediate going on advanced and like a full range of expression, the Fierce Grace class is the best place to start if you are new to us. FG2, Primal, Fly - and for more advanced practitioners Fierce (aka Beast) - are all fun and interesting for the more experienced yogi

Apart from Fierce (Beast), all our expertly sequenced classes are suitable for all levels and our equally expert instructors will encourage you to modify to your ability, never go into pain, and work the way that suits you, beginner or advanced alike.

Read more about each class here.

Choosing the best first class if you're new to Yoga

The best first class for someone new to yoga depends on your level of fitness and what you want to achieve, but here are some broad guidelines:

Slightly out of shape newcomer

  • Target: strength and flexibility - S.O.B., Deep Core, Classic
  • Target: flexibility - Deep Core, IN
  • Target: strength - Classic

Relatively fit newcomer

  • Target: strength and flexibility - Fierce Grace, Classic, Primal, The Fix
  • Target: flexibility - Deep Core, IN
  • Target strength – WILD, Primal, Fly, FG2

Fit newcomer

  • Target: strength and flexibility - Fierce Grace, Primal, The Fix, Fierce aka The Beast (intermediate yogis only)
  • Target: flexibility - Deep Core, IN
  • Target: strength - WILD, FG2, Fly

How Often to Practise and What Classes to Do

In the beginning its best to practise every day, or as much as you can, so your body cannot retreat back to its old ways in between classes. This means you won’t get stiff, and it will get easier fast. However if you can’t do that, just come as often as you can and do a variety of classes. To see optimal results beginners should attend 3-4 classes a week at the start, but doing something, even once a week, is better than doing nothing.

Our recommended beginners level programme is: 2 Fierce Grace, Classic, Primal or The Fix classes and one Deep Core, IN, WILD or S.O.B. class

Once you have become familiar with the above classes, a suggested 12 times a month practice could consist of: 3 Fierce Grace, 2 Primal, 1 Classic, 1 The Fix and a mix of 4 Deep Core/WILD/IN and an S.O.B., Fierce/Beast or Fly.

This system works best as a whole. Performing all the classes will leave no stone unturned in your body and mind:

  • If you are flexible but weak you would favour WILD, Fly, Primal and Classic to bring stability and strength
  • If you are strong and tight you would come to more Deep Core, IN and Fierce Grace classes to bring flexibility and openness
  • The Fierce Grace class combines all the elements of the system so is the foundation class

Introductory Offers 

If you're new to Fierce Grace our introductory offers give you a price-friendly way to experience the total body and mind transformation the Fierce Grace Method offers.

Intro offers are specific to the studio of purchase, with the exception of Fierce Grace City, North and West where you may practise at any of those studios on the same intro offer.  You do not have to be brand new to purchase our intro offers, but you cannot buy an intro offer at each studio more than once. Intro offers all start on the date of your first class. 

Still got questions? Feel free to get in touch with a studio directly or via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and keep us updated with your FG Journey by tagging your posts #livelifewithfiercegrace - we're here to help you get the best out of what the Fiercd Grace Yoga Method has to offer and love to see how your own total bpdy and mind transformation unfolds.