Fierce Grace announces the launch of The Hothouse

A new way to teach and practise yoga

On 30th June, Fierce Grace North is transforming into THE HOTHOUSE, a teacher-academy/yoga-studio run by the first graduates of the Fierce Grace Teachers Training.

Operating outside the normal structure of a yoga studio, The Hothouse will be the first yoga studio in the UK to break the mould and offers the public a ‘no frills’ environment to practise yoga for half price - only £8 for a drop-in and £80 for a one month unlimited  - with newly certified teachers, the future stars of yoga. Although the Core, Fix and Michele's legendary Friday night class will remain unchanged. The studio encourages growth, development and learning and strips back the yoga experience to the very core, with no deals, no fancy furniture, no shop or products to sell, and just the essence of Fierce Grace yoga.

Run and taught by energetic certified teachers, the studio allows them to grow in an environment that is more conducive to development. The Hothouse will dissolve the divide between teachers and students in an unpretentious environment where feedback is welcome and egos are dropped.

This is a brand new project for Fierce Grace founder Michele Pernetta. She explains:

“This is Guerilla Yoga. It’s run by teachers, decorated by teachers and managed by teachers. But it’s inspired by students. Its not a business, it’s a community. It’s giving the power back to those involved, and rewarding the student with affordable classes. I’m interested to see how the public responds to having the “yoga-business” bullshit stripped away. If you’d rather be in a convertible AC Cobra with the wind in your hair than in the back of a limo, this is for you.

 I am passionate about everyone doing yoga regardless of income, so a discount model was needed, and I am passionate about new teachers being given the best environment to expand their skills and develop a rapport with students. I wanted to be able to offer radically reduced rate classes to the public while giving new graduates from my teacher training program an opportunity to teach and find their voice and confidence. New teachers have never before had this opportunity, to teach their first crucial 100 classes or so in a supportive environment where the students are totally on board with them. The commercial limits of an expensive yoga studio are prohibitive to this kind of experiment. We wanted to get back to the simple relationship between teacher and student, a mutual yearning for evolution and an open dialogue about the growth that yoga brings about.”

Alongside the classes, the Hothouse will offer workshops run by Michele and some of the UK’s top teachers in all yoga styles. Workshops will include posture clinics, mini teacher trainings, the FG Yoga Alliance 200-hour Certification as well as injury courses.

Michele continues;

“We want to dissolve the separation between yoga styles by creating workshops that bring everyone together. London’s yoga teachers often have to travel abroad for graduate workshops or further support. The FG Hothouse will offer teachers from all yoga styles workshops, lectures and courses, run by teachers from all systems.”

The Hothouse is based at the previous Fierce Grace North studio, 173 - 175 Queens Crescent, London NW5 4DS

***Please Note North will be closed on 29th June in preparation for the Hothouse launch on the 30th as such all classes on the 29th are cancelled***